Benefits of Being Ranked on First Page of Google

The most important reason why you want to get first page rankings is that you want to be visible to everyone that will need your product/service. Google, for example, is the #1 search engine and it provides for almost 12 billion searches a month. Approximately 1.17 billion unique searchers use it every month. It’s the number 1 search engine used in the US. It gets 67.5% of the US search market, and a whopping 87.1% of the mobile search market. And if you are in business, you should also know that 93% of all buying decisions start with an online search. The key to receiving traffic through Google is to gain first page rankings, because first page websites get 91.5% of Google traffic. Most people just don’t really bother going beyond the first page. If your website’s on the second page you only get to share 4.8% of the traffic along with all other websites on the page. With page 3, it shrinks lower to 1.1%.

90% of google traffic

Two crucial factors for being page ranked first:

Your ranking on the first page matters. While being on the first page usually means you are in the Top 10, it is still crucial to become #1. Being #1 gets you an average share of 32.5% of the traffic, and #2 is just 17.6% and #3 at 11.4%. And while you may be on the first page, but if you are #10 you only get a paltry 2.4%.While that may be better than the 1% share of the traffic you receive at #11 (which is on page 2, after all), that’s still not saying much.

The keywords you aim for matter. Some keywords are more popular than others, so you may want to consider just which keywords to aim for. For example, keyword A may have a search volume of 10,000 per month while keyword B may only have a search volume of 100 per month. Being #1 for keyword B may get you 32 clicks but being #11 for keyword A will get you 100 clicks.

Overall Click Through Rate for all mobile vs. desktop searches all searches ctr mobile v desktop

Mobile has overtaken desktop as the most-used device for searches on Google, so it is important to have a mobile-friendly website to even be considered for a first-page ranking. In this study, 30% of desktop searches click on the first position, while 27% click on the first position on mobile devices. This could be because on a desktop computer, you can see 6 or 7 results on the page and choose to go with the first, whereas with less landscape on mobile, you only see two or three results and give preference to what seems like the best.

CTR for searches with or without ads searches with or without ads ctr

When ads are displayed, whether above the organic results or beside them, organic click-through rates take a ten percent hit because users have other options to choose from. This is especially true on mobile where ads are displayed, because they take up the screen before the searcher has to scroll down to organic results.

In the end, being on the first page means your website is considered as one of the best for a particular keyword. And that’s what you should aim for: to be the best. Providing what your intended audience is looking for will go a long way and will certainly boost your chances of grabbing the number 1 spot on Google.phoenix seo, seo phoenix, phoenix arizona seo, seo phoenix arizona, phoenix seo agency, seo in phoenix, phoenix seo services, seo phoenix az, seo services phoenix, search engine optimization phoenix, search engine marketing phoenix, phoenix search engine optimization, arizona seo, seo company phoenix, seo az, best seo company phoenix, best seo in az, seo companies in phoenix, search engine optimization guaranteed, phoenix services international, phoenix it services, seo services meaning, seo meaning business, seo found, answer phoenix service, seo firm phoenix, az seo company, seo company phoenix az, deepest search engine, phoenix seo firm, found seo, seo services arizona, seo company in arizona, first found seo, serp full form in seo, seo meaning in business, phoenix seo, phoenix seo company, phoenix seo agency, seo services phoenix, phoenix seo services, seo phoenix, seo company phoenix, seo companies in phoenix, seo firm phoenix, phoenix seo firm, phoenix arizona seo, seo phoenix arizona, best seo company phoenix, seo company in arizona, best seo in az, seo consultant phoenix, seo company phoenix az, seo in phoenix, arizona seo, seo phoenix az, seo arizona, seo company arizona, arizona seo company, az seo company, search engine optimization phoenix, seo services arizona, mesa seo company, co seo, seo co, seo az, the phoenix companies, what seo companies do, seo company scottsdale, what does an seo company do, phoenix search engine optimization, first page seo services, seo in company, first seo, what is an seo company, pheonix company, best companies in phoenix, seo compny, phoenix web firm, seo company in, pheonix companies, what do seo companies do, phoenix company, seo tempe, the seo company

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